Studts Family Fun Fair prides itself on the high-quality equipment in ownership. This means that all due care and attention is taken with regards to how we maintain and operate our equipment. Whilst maintaining our equipment is crucial safety is our number one priority. This mean that we strive to ensure all requirements of the Health and Safety Executive are met, and are to a high standard. Along with being in compliant with all aspects of the 1997 Fairground and Amusement Park Guidance of Safe Practice.


In line with many other family fairs the responsibility for individual rides lies with respective members of the family. This being said, with each ride being under our duty of care we know that all are maintained and operated to the highest possible standard. All of the family are members of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain and abide by all of their rigid rules and regulations taking note of all guidance and help that the Guild has to offer. As an added level of safety all equipment is maintained and rigorously checked by highly trained independent fairground ride specialist Engineers. These engineers are registered by a controlling body and are recognized by the Health and Safety Executive as competent for this task. As a result, these are the only engineers we are allowed to use, which solidifies our quality of standards. The independent nature of these engineers ensures no conflicts of interest, and creates another level of rigorous safety checks to keep everyone safe.


We undertake daily checks before the rides open, and these checks are documented and kept for our records. This allows us to not only maintain our rides to a high standard but also allows us to develop a regular maintenance system. As well it ensures that our annual comprehensive examination, which is again completed by one of the Accredited Engineers is as efficient and stringently conducted. As a result of these thorough annual examinations, a 12 month certificate of worthiness is issued.


As the safety and comfort of passengers on our rides is of paramount importance to us at Studts Family Fun Fair. When we tour, careful consideration is taken when checking the acceptability of a site. This means we conduct surveys on the surface to ensure it is appropriate for use, and check for hazards above, which come in the form of overhanging trees.


Here at Studts Family Fun Fair our passion to be responsible for our customer’s safety means that the family member who is responsible for the ride will supervise the construction and deconstruction of the ride fully. Along with this they will personally train all staff to ensure our high standards and moral composes are upheld at all time. The supervising family member will also operate the ride when it is in use and only trained staff will assist them. This ensures that all safety precautions are met at all times.


Whilst all safety precautions are stringently met Studts Family Fun Fair still carry public liability insurance to the sum of £10,000,000 on each ride.


We hope that the information provided assures you of our capabilities, and allows you to enjoy your experience at Studts Family Fun Fair.

The Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS) involves a series of pre-use and in-service inspections, and applies to all fairground rides, amusement devices and inflatable devices.

ADIPS ensures that amusement devices are checked for safety before they are first used and on the periodic basis required to assess their ability to operate safely throughout their working life.

ADIPS is managed by the Amusement Device Safety Council (ADSC) which comprises all Major Industry Trade Associations and is supported by the Health and Safety Executive (